Profiles in Online Dating

I composed Profiles in Online Dating for New Music on the Point 2015. It is the first work that I’ve ever composed for voice. I’ve written songs and such growing up, but never an art song. And personally, I had no interest in writing one; I think I was mostly anxious about how to set text. But when I got accepted to NMOP, they told me to write for soprano, Alexandra Porter.

I ultimately decided to write my own text. And since I love making social commentary when I can, I figured voice was a good medium for being very direct with my intentions. So I chose to write about something that I have experience with myself: online dating.

I wrote the songs thinking about how people present themselves online. Some of the songs are semi-autobiographical, in that I relate strongly to them. Other songs are inspired by reading other people’s profiles or reading about experiences on online forums about dating.

I plan on composing more songs for this set. There is definitely more material to work with. You can find more info about the set here. A video of the premier is below.