It has been over a year since I’ve blogged on here. I’ve never been much of a blogger, but I’m going to try to post more often as things happen. I’m powering through my dissertation – my first draft is nearly completed, finally. I also still have to hold my doctoral recital and compose a significant work for my dissertation, so the end is nearing but there is still a way to go. I am definitely trying to graduate this year.

This update is a few months late, but I had a fantastic performance of my string quartet in April. Eavesdroppers was composed for the Boston String Quartet and performed at University of Florida on April 18, where they gave a wild and hilarious performance. I was really unsure of how this work would be received, and it definitely needs a charismatic ensemble. But, BSQ nailed it and completely outdid themselves. I hope that you enjoy this performance as much as I enjoyed working with these performers.