Gradient (2010)

2 indeterminate pitched instruments


Program Notes
Gradient was inspired by the concept of the Jazz combo. In combos, the instrumentation can, and usually does, change frequently. This is possible because all of the musicians, regardless of instrument, know the same pieces, which are referred to as “standards.” I wanted to write a work that could be performed by any two people that wanted to play it, regardless of the instrument that they play. Thus, this work is written for two unspecified pitched instruments. The parts are well suited to any melodic instrument – what makes it interesting is that they are in two different time signatures so that the texture is consistently changing.
The title is derived from the process of the piece, which creates a gradient effect through music. Each instrument is given a specific melody that is repeated throughout the piece; one instrument begins, and the other gets added in one or two notes at a time. The opening melody then begins to drop out one note at a time completing the transition of melodies from one instrument to another.