Profiles in Online Dating (2015)

sop., bass clar., vcl., pno.


commissioned by New Music on the Point 2015.

Program Notes

Social media allows us to have more control over how we present ourselves to the world than ever before. By allowing people on the Internet to know only what we want them to know about us, we have greater abilities than ever before to market ourselves, downplay our weaknesses, and even present ourselves as someone else. This has had unique consequences in the world of dating online. Through a series of miniatures, I want to explore the ways that people choose to present themselves on online dating websites. Profiles in Online Dating presents four songs about tropes and archetypes of profiles on online dating websites, including people impersonating others (catfishing); not being comfortable describing themselves; the complications surrounding female promiscuity online, including shaming, objectification, and male expectations; and introverts that use online means to mediate their communication.

More songs to come.